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Over time, frayed wires or loose connections can advance in your residential electrical system. This can make your system inadequate in performing the necessary operations each day, as well as making it more susceptible to short circuits and even fires.

In these cases, it is not safe to trust just anyone with a tool belt and test kit to ensure the wellbeing of your home and family. Looking for signs of the a deteriorating electrical system can be difficult, because many components of the electrical system are hidden. However, there are some detectible warning signs that you should be aware of which can indicate the need of a repair, or even the presence of a potentially dangerous condition. It is pertinent that you schedule immediate electrical services in order to prevent such conditions from putting you and your family’s safety at risk. I, Lee, at Lee’s Handyman and Home Improvement Service have provided over 18 years of residential electrical services to Painesville, Mentor, Willoughby, OH and surrounding areas and I have various references that confirm the quality of my workmanship. When you need a reliable, knowledgable electrician, Lee’s Handyman and Home Improvement Service is here for you.

Professionalism and Affordability in Residential Electrical Projects

I am dedicated and passionate about providing top notch quality craftsmanship and service to all of my customers. I devote the same effort and quality in all of my residential electrical projects as I would in my own home. I work valiantly to solve all of your electrical troubles through extensive and thorough troubleshooting and also have a keen ability to determine which service is required as well as the best and most efficient method, including:

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting Installations.
  • Security Lighting & Motion Detector Installations.
  • Lighting Timer Installation.
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation.
  • Ceiling Fan Installation.
  • Interior & Exterior Electrical Outlet Installation.
  • Switches, Dimmer Switches & Fan Control Switches.
  • Thermostat Replacement.

Free Estimate And 1 Year Guarantee On All Workmanship

In order to ensure all the units of your electrical system function as designed, you should always enlist the services of a professional. I, Lee, at Lee’s Handyman and Home Improvement Service am a reliable expert that can detect and resolve, repair your current electrical system or install of any new components anywhere in the Painesville OH area. I have the skill, knowledge and expertise required to accurately and safely to perform any of your residential electrical issues.

Call me today so that we can assess the situation at hand, and determine a quote for the work involved. I provide a 1 year guarantee on all workmanship.