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No matter if is a commercial property or a residential accommodation; they both require maintenance from time to time. Unfortunately proper maintenance is often ignored and this is when problems increase to an unimaginable magnitude. So don’t wait any longer and get the help you need by contacting me for the best handyman services in Painesville, Ohio.

We work 24/7 and have dedicated team of professionals for painting, plumbing, electrical, furniture assembly, art installation etc.

Reliable Quote

We give you reliable estimates and quote before the work and adhere to all your requirements with the best possible solution.

Best Price

With handyman services you need to go nowhere outside Painesville, since we bring to you all the services at an excellent pricing.

Our prices and the quality of our work are the most competitive in the market and our guarantee is your satisfaction.

We at Lee’s Handyman & Home Improvement Service like magic will improve the condition of both, your commercial and residential property.  We also deliver services for the interiors as well as the exteriors.